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Join us in a dialogue about ethical decision-making in the field of victim assistance!

We have studied ethical dilemmas in the field from most angles and we still don't claim to be experts. A diversity of opinions and perceptions exist in the field of victim assistance regarding the application of professional ethical standards. Knowledge gained based on practical experience is essential, and our goal has always been to let the field assist us in this endeavor. The more we learn about the evolving needs and concerns of victim assistance providers the more inclusive and articulate we can become in our discussion of professional ethical standards.

On the following page is a case scenario. Each month we will post a new case scenario. The stories are a compilation of experiences and challenges presented by victim assistance providers who were interviewed about ethical issues they deal with on a regular basis. We invite you to review the scenarios and provide us with feedback on the best courses of action. VALOR will summarize providers' responses and post them at the end of each month.

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