Scenario #2:

As you can see, there are several possible ethical standards that apply to Lee Chan's dilemma and more than one possible course of action. Here is what we thought were the important details of the case, the ethical issues in question, and the possible outcomes to the courses of action that we selected. Check back with us at the end of the month when we post feedback from other victim advocates and compare notes. Thanks for your participation!

Part 1: Assess case details.
What would you identify as the five most significant details of this case?
  1. The dynamics of immigrant families are complex.
  2. Lisa places the well-being of her family over her own safety.
  3. Lee's goal is to prevent further harm to Lisa and possibly others and to take steps to help Lisa address the trauma she has experienced.
  4. Legal factors regarding immigration may protect Lisa but could cause the deportation of her uncle.
  5. Options are available to stop the abuse without identifying the perpetrator.
Part 2: Separate practical considerations from ethical considerations.
What would you identify as the top three practical considerations of this case?
  1. Lee Chan's desire for justice and safety for Lisa.
  2. Nondisclosure of the uncle's criminal behavior.
  3. Southeast Asian family values in conflict with American attitudes about family violence.
Check the boxes next to what you believe are the top three or four ethical considerations of this case.

3.2:    Primary responsibility is the interests of person served.

3.4:    Right to self-determination.

1.4:    Professional competence

Part 3: What are the potential upsides of the following courses of action? What are the potential downsides?


Lee Chan arranges for Lisa to enter group counseling for sexual assault victims. When the other members of the group learn that Lisa continues to be molested, they convince her to move out of the house into her grandmother's home. With trauma counseling, Lisa begins to rebuild her life.

Positive outcome:

Lisa is no longer a victim of her uncle's sexual molestation. She has not damaged the fabric of her family life or caused her uncle to be deported.

Negative outcome:

Lisa not only suffers from intense anger toward her uncle, she fears that he will begin to molest other young female members of the family. She misses her sisters.


After several months of counseling, Lisa confronts her uncle and tells him that if he ever touches her again, she will report him to the police. He stops touching her.

Positive Outcome:

Lisa feels empowered by the positive outcome. She does not report her uncle to the police and therefore he is not at risk of deportation.

Negative Outcome:

Lisa reveals to her uncle during the confrontation that she has a support group of experts that have helped her understand that his behavior constitutes sexual abuse. The uncle takes revenge on her by revealing to the grandfather and head of the family that she has gone outside the family, made false accusations, and has therefore shamed everyone. The grandfather is furious with Lisa.

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